Certified chimney sweep


The National Fire Protection Association makes the following recommendations for your chimney's maintenance and inspection:

  • Annual inspection and cleaning if necessary.

  • A sale or transfer of the property.

  • After any event that may alter the performance of the system, such as a chimney fire.


If it has been a while since your last sweep, call today or book online​. 

Use a sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institue of America to know that you're getting the best service available in the industry. There are many sweeps out there without certifications, don't be fooled by their gimmicks or false claims. It doesn't matter if they have been in business for 1 year or 100. If they're not certified, they're not serious about your safety. 

In addition to making sure professionals are sufficiently educated and trained to perform their jobs in the field, the CSIA believes it is equally important (if not more so) that professionals who wish to hold a CSIA credential act ethically when interacting with customers. For this reason, each CSIA credential holder must agree to and sign the Code of Ethics.