Modular Flooring


We're offering the best available modular flooring on the market, and we're bringing it to your floor. An excellent epoxy alternative, these tiles are flexible, non-slip, and fade resistant. Installs in hours, not days and the surface is usable immediately after installation. No waiting for anything to dry. This tile can stand up to the heaviest commercial or residential use, withstanding up to 70,000 lbs of rollover weight and a compressive strength of 3,120 PSI. Tiles are heat and chemical resistant and UV stabilized. Whatever you throw at your floor, it can take. 


These premium tiles are commercial grade and backed by a 15-year warranty. They can transform any garage, basement, outdoor space, or other areas where tough, long-lasting flooring solutions are needed, and they do it instantly and for years on end. 


Contact us to get an estimate on a modular floor for your home or business. Don't have time to install it? We can do that for you too, let us know what you need, and we'll take care of you.


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*Only for orders placed with Sure Grip, LLC. Does not apply to installations. Only Ribtrax, Ribtrax Smooth, Diamondtrax, and Rubbertrax. Excludes tax and shipping.

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Ribtrax, Ribrax Smooth, Diamondtrax, and Rubbertrax. 


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Premium carpet tile. 


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Premium vinyl insert tile. Available in multiple patterns.


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Installation for any modular flooring tile. 


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Artifical grass tile. Eco-Friendly.


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