The Angled Tile Test

Stepping out of a tub, coming in from a rainy day, out by the pool, slip and fall accidents lurk around every corner. Take the actions needed to protect yourself and your family.

The below video is an angled tile test. These two tiles came from the same box. They look and feel the same until they get wet. Then one becomes hazardous, and the other becomes even safer.

These tiles are sitting at a 35-degree angle, and while your floors probably aren't lying that way, it's a clear way to show the effects of our safety treatment. The only difference between them is we treated one with our product. Do you think your floors are safe for you, your family, your business? Have you done everything you can to provide a safe area? If you'd like to see our demo in person give us a call at (502) 440-1367 and we'll be glad to show you just how amazing the difference between treated and untreated tile can be.

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